The Gain of Godliness

1 Timothy 6.5-6



1.       Godliness here from two-part Greek word meaning good or well and to revere, adore; in other words to revere and adore God well…to behave in consciousness of His presence and to strive to please Him.

2.       Gain speaks for itself.

3.       Many preach earthly gain – wealth, health, power, etc.  Paul says to turn away from such! (KJV & NKJV, Majority Text)

4.       But there is GREAT GAIN in godliness with contentment.

5.       How is that so?  Aren’t Christians supposed to be some of the most miserable creatures in the world?

a.       Paul says if we have hope only in this life, that may be so – 1 Cor. 15.19

b.      But we have hope far beyond this life.

c.       And there is much to be gained here, in this life, from godliness.

Godliness contributes to Health and Long Life – 1 Tim. 4.7-9

1.       Proverbs 3.1-2

2.       Ephesians 6.1-3

3.       Ephesians 5.18 “…be not drunk…”

4.       Works of the flesh condemned in Gal. 5.19-21

5.       These are just a few…

6.       Godliness gives us every chance at a long and healthy life

7.       It is many times apparent on the faces and persons who has chosen what course in life

Godliness contributes to a Good Name – Proverbs 22.1

1.       Not likely godliness will bring dishonor to a family name

2.       Not many skeletons in the closet of a godly person

3.       Some have cast off any idea of dishonor, or keeping their name good…

4.       To live in the desire to please God will, in most cases, lead to a good name – Titus 2.6-10

Godliness enables us to Enjoy Material Blessings

    1.    Ecclesiastes 2.24 - work, and all it brings in blessings, is from God

    2.    God has given us all this to enjoy - 1 Tim. 6.17

    3.    We rob ourselves of its enjoyment when we put too much emphasis on accumulation of things - 1 Tim. 6.10

    4.    God has promised good things to those who love Him -  Matthew 6.33; Isa. 65.22-24

Godliness results in Peaceful Relations – Rom. 12.18; Heb. 12.14

Godliness results in Peace Within – Philippians 4.7; Col. 3.15

Godliness has the Promise of Life to Come – 1 Tim. 4.8; 2 Peter 1.3-4