The Inconvenience of Christianity

Acts 24:24-25


A. Felix’s idea of Christianity.
    1. When convenient – at our leisure.
    2. Only if nothing else to do.
    3. Only after personal interests met.
    4. Still very much alive today.
    5. The “Convenience generation.”
B. Obeying and serving God is not a matter of convenience for anyone


I. It Was Not Convenient for Jesus (Phil. 2:8)
    A. Inconvenience of leaving heaven (Phil. 2:3-12)
    B. Inconvenience of earthly life. (Luke 9:58; 2 Cor. 8:9)
    C. Inconvenience of earthly mission (cf. Mark 6:31)
    D. Inconvenience of the trial and crucifixion.
        1. Done willingly for us (cf. Matt. 26:51-54)
        2. Done to obey the Father (Heb. 5:8, 9; Phil. 2:8).

II. It Was Not Convenient for Early Disciples.
    A. Discipleship not a matter convenience with Jesus (Lk. 9:59-62; 14:16-33).
    B. Early disciples left all (Mark 10:28-31)
    C. Spirit of sacrifice and duty in early church. (Acts 2:45; 4:18-20)

III. It Is Not Convenient for the Faithful Today.
    A. Must not obey gospel, only if convenient (Acts 24:25).
        1. Convicted not concerned about convenient place
        2. Convicted not concerned about convenient time (cf. Acts 16:33).
    B. Must not attend services, only if convenient.
        1. Paul waited seven days (Acts 20:6,7; cf. v. 16).
        2. Christians have assembled at inconvenient places.
        3. Some only if nothing else to do or nowhere else to be.
        4. Some only if they can come as they are.
    C. Must not do other duties, only if convenient.
        1. Take care of own (family member) (1 Tim. 5:8).
        2. Rear children (Eph 6:4)
        3. Attending to needs of others (Jas. 1:27; Matt. 25:34-40).

A. What if Jesus had done only convenient things for us?
B. What if our parents had done only convenient things for us?
C. What if teachers/preachers had done only convenient things for us?
D. We must get out of this “service only at our convenience” mind set.