Bible Study Helps That Cost No Money
2 Tim. 2:15 (KJV)

    A. We need to understand the meaning of Bible study.
        1. More than just reading Bible — give diligent thought to it.
        2. More than just attending classes — study the material.
        3. More than just listening to sermons — follow up with study.
    B. We need to understand the need for Bible study (cf. Hos. 4:6).
    C. We are often asked to suggest Bible study helps for people.
        1. Some cost money: Reference Bible, Dictionary, Concordance, Commentary, etc.
        2. In this lesson we suggest some that will not cost a red cent.
I. An Honest and Good Heart.
    A. Like the good soil (Lk 8:15).
    B. Like Cornelius (Acts 10:33).
II. A Desire to Do God’s Will.
    A. Jesus tied knowledge to a willingness to do God’s will (John 7:17).
    B. We learn by doing (John 8:31, 32; Heb. 5:12-14).
III. Regular Study Habits.
    A. Both Testaments urge regular study (Psa. 1:2; Acts 17:11).
    B. What if we approached other fields of study the way we do Bible study?
        1. Just attend class and/or opened the book once in a while.
        2. Just open at random without plan or purpose.
IV. A Spirit of Investigation.
    A. The Bereaians listened and investigated (Acts 17:11) — did not already know it all (cf. John 9:34)
    B. The Thessalonians were not to despise prophesying, but investigate (1 Thess. 5:20-22).
    C. Prejudice thrives on mentally lazy religionists.
        1. Lazy man says, “I do (or do not) agree” without investigation.
        2. One thing to call it “truth” or “error” — another to know why! (Cf. Tit. 1:9).
        3. Congregations need to encourage open investigation without strife or bitterness.
            a. Would purify the church.
            b. Would keep members from accepting or rejecting on the surface.
V. A Desire to Rightly Divide the Word (text)
    A. Literally to cut it straight — handle aright (ASV).
    B. It means more than just dividing the Old from New Testaments.
        1. Involves using common sense rules for study— like any other literature.
        2. Involves careful and correct interpretation and application of Bible text.
A. Want to know the Bible better? Apply these helps.
B. Want to obey the Bible? Begin by obeying the first principles.