1 Timothy 6:20

(Indebted to Clayton and Howard Winters for most of these thoughts.)
    1. Never can spend too much time on this subject.
    2. Often treated in Flash Facts and P&G, but are they read?
    3. The theory of evolution is contrary to revealed word of God.
    4. The two cannot be reconciled.
    5. We cannot "keep that which is committed to our trust" without speaking against the danger of this "science falsely so called."
    6. Some have talked about evolution so long that it has become accepted as a fact of life...but it is not!
        a. It is not even a scientific theory!
        b. It is an hypothesis.
        c. Definitions of the above:
            1. Hypothesis: A tentative solution or proposal concerning a problem, a supposition, a guessed theory -- a theory to work on but one untested by the findings of research.
            2. Theory:
                a. A formulated (or tested) hypothesis, a probable explanation of a problem.
                b. A theory that has been tested by research and continues to work.
        d. No scientific theory is ever final.
        e. The hypothesis of evolution has become a theory only by seniority and not be accumulation of evidence.
        f. It is in this sense that we refer to it as a theory.

Purpose in this lesson: Not to prove the Bible or disprove evolution...but to set forth the underlying philosophies of both. When this is done, all will be able to see that there is simply no way to harmonize the theory of evolution with plain Bible teaching. The theistic evolutionists have tried it...but miserably failed. They always end up denying the Bible as the infallible, inerrant, immutable word of God. So, we note a few of the many irreconcilable differences.

    A. The Bible presupposes God (Gen. 1:1). He is the pervading power back of everything. (Acts 17:28).
    B. Evolution presupposes only naturalism. There is no power of God...everything is explained in terms of natural processes... leaves no place for God.
    C. These two philosophies are as different as night an day -- as different as creation and chance development.
    D. To start with God is to discard evolution; to start with evolution is to abandon God. There is no way to harmonize the two.

    A. The Bible reveals and teaches the creation of both matter and life by an Almighty Power. (Gen. 1 and 2).
    B. Evolution teaches that matter and life are here as the result of a vast accident, caused by no outside force or power.
    C. In the Bible, all things are made by God and for God. (Col. 1:17, 17; Rev. 4:11). Man is only a steward.
    D. In evolution man is an accident, not accountable to any power above himself.
    E. There is simply no way to harmonize these two vastly different philosophies -- to believe one is to disbelieve the other.

    A. The Bible presents man as an eternal being, created by God in the image of God. (Gen. 1:26, 27).
    B. Only the Bible answers the three most pressing questions pertaining to man:
        1. Where did he come from? From God. (Gen. 2:7; 2:18- 24).
        2. Why is he here? To serve God. (Rev. 4:11; Ecc. 12:13, 14).
        3. Where is he going? Back to God. (Eccl. 12:7).
    C. Evolution sees man as nothing more than a child of chance, the offspring of lower forms of life. It has no sensible answer to these questions:
        1. Where did he come from? Nowhere. Non-life produced life, like produced non-like, non-entity produced entity.
        2. Why is he here? He has no purpose of being.
        3. Where is he going? Nowhere but back to non-entity!
    D. There can be no harmony between man as made in the image of God and man as a freak of nature -- a monkey who has lost his tail but found no soul!

    A. The Bible is ennobling, inspiring, motivational -- it builds character, instills righteousness, inspires hope. (Ps. 84:11).
    B. Evolution never contributed anything good to any one -- it is an intellectually sophisticated effort to free man from the restraints of higher authority -- a mental pacifier for those who wish to remove God from creation.
    C. The pages of history are replete with the lives of men and women who have been changed by the Bible. But who ever heard a man say, "I was a drunk, abused my wife, neglected by children, refused to pay my debts, etc. until one day I heard how man had evolved from a lower form of life, how that he is free from all responsibility, and that made a new man of me -- it dried up my drinking, made me love my wife, care for my children and pay my debts?"

    1. The Bible is (or contains) the faith of Christians.
    2. We trust our souls to its truthfulness.
    3. Evolution is the faith of unbelievers.
    4. They also are betting their souls that they do not have a soul!