First Things First
Luke 9:57-62

    A. We may over-simplify the Christian life.
        1. Reduce it to picking from list of doís and don'ts.
        2. Often fail to consider that even the doís must be in proper order - first things first.
    B. Certain situations described in Scriptures where we need to learn to put first things first.


    I. Baptism First, then Salvation. (Mark 16.15-16)

   II. Reconciliation First, Then Worship. (Matt. 5:24).

  III. Kingdom of God First, Then Necessities of Life. (Matt. 6:33).

 IV. Correct Own Faults, Then Brotherís Faults. (Matt. 7:5)

  V. Give Self, Then Money or Goods. (2 Cor. 8:5, 12).

 VI. Take Care of Own Needy, Then Ask Church or Others. (1 Tim. 5:4).

VII. Purity, Then Peace . . . (Jas. 3:17).

    A. No order for doing the wrong things - proper for right things.
    B. Nothing should come before obeying the gospel of Christ.