Motherhood – God’s Ideal Woman

Eve – the beginning of motherhood: Genesis 2.18-24; 3.16, 20
    She came from man
    She was a perfect complement to him
    She is the mother of all living

The Virtuous Wife – Proverbs 30.10-31
    She gives her husband no reason to distrust her
    She does not live in an ivory tower and do nothing
    She is industrious – comment by one lady who saw the painting “Whistler’s Mother”
    She is not focused on her own comfort and well-being, but those of her family
    She is useful to those who need her help
    She knows the word of the Lord and speaks of it with others
    Read verses 28-31 again

Motherhood in the New Testament:
    Mary – Luke 1.38
    Instructions to wives and mothers –
        Ephesians 5.22-24
        Colossians 3.18
        Titus 2.3-5
        1 Peter 3.1-6

The Church – Gal. 4.26; Heb. 12.22-23