Providence of God:

Illustration: Have you ever given a gift that was ignored, never acknowledged and treated as if it had never been given?
The word “providence” only appears once in the KJV of the Scriptures, and then it is applied to Felix
But the idea is taught all throughout the Bible
Matthew 6.25 gives us a clue as to it’s meaning
Acts 14.17 – God did not leave Himself without witness, but gave fruitful seasons
This gives us insight into God’s purposes in His Providence
Romans 1.21 – one of the great sins of atheists and pagans
Colossians 3.15b – and of children of God

General Providence
Matthew 6.26-29 – General providence
Psalm 104.14 – He causes grass to grow for the cattle, supplies man with food
Psalm 104.21-29 – Animal and man are dependent upon Him
Job 12.23 – Nations have their power and have it taken away by His Providence
Daniel 2.21
Matthew 5.45 – He sends rains upon the just and the unjust

Special Providence
Matthew 6.30-33 – Special providence
Psalm 37.23
Proverbs 3.6
Romans 8.28

Means of Providence
Difference between miracles and the workings of God’s Providence
Supernatural, even divine powers may be used in bringing about Providence, but we cannot tell
Angels, laws of the Creation and maintenance of it
In a miracle, there was no doubt – John 3.2
Some things are just by chance – Ecclesiastes 9.11
Romans 11.33

Our Response to God’s Providence
Matthew 6.8, 11 – we should acknowledge it every time we pray
Matthew 7.8-14 - We should take up His Providential offer of peace and forgiveness of sins