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Close Up of Open Bible


Sunday 9:00AM:    The Book of Matthew - Roger Lindsey - PowerPoint for Matthew

Wednesday 7:00 PM:    New Testament Survey - Lucas Ward - Hear the latest class audio

Several have asked that the material titled "When Evolutionists Tell the Truth" be made available on the site, and this seems an appropriate place for it. The PDF is a written version of the material from which the Powerpoint was made.

Previous Studies:

The Book of Romans

The Book of Daniel - PowerPoint available here.

Old Testament History - PowerPoint Overview available here. This is a big file so be patient.

The Revelation - PowerPoint Overview



Bible Study

Want to study on your own?

Here are some excellent sources:

Does It Matter? a short self-study lesson answering the question, "Does it matter what we believe and practice in our religion?"  Highly recommended.

"Are you really sure of your eternal salvation?" - a 25 lesson on-line study course that covers the basics.  Excellent starting point!